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JTe Learning Course Sample

This course provides a sample of the Credit Card Awareness Training for Front Line Staff course.

Please contact JTeLearning to arrange full course access for your organization.

We hope you enjoy the experience. Have fun !

Sample Details

To participate in the sample course, you must create a new account in the system. These steps demonstrate the self registration system. JTe will not use the information captured to spam you nor do we sell or trade any information collected.

Click this link to the course sample - - - - - - - - - - JTe Credit Card Sample Course

Method 1 - Create a New Account
create a new account - you will be a new student in the program
enter your user name, and your email address
a confirmation email will be sent to confirm your account
once you have confirmed by clicking on the link in the email - you will be directed to the course -

The course starts autmatically and there is associted audio.

you will not receive any emails from JTeLearning with this approach

Method 2 - as an Existing User
If you have already created a user
then use that user/password